Friday, 9 October 2009

Alexander McQueen s/s 2010: Plato's Atlantis

Alexander Mcqueen is a genius. His s/s 2010 show was incredible. The catwalk was turned into an underwater atlantis, where the models were strange looking, futuristic sea creatures. McQueen stayed true to his very structured, shapely tendencies when designing, as seen at last seasons show, but covered his pieces in the most beautiful underwater themed digital prints. There was an array of blues, greens, browns, golds, purples, greys and yellows in the prints which were all complimented and made more intriguing by the surreal environment that was created at the venue. The blue backdrop and lighting created a certain serenity, that cleverly mimicked the way it would feel to watch a show at the bottom of the sea, if that were possible and the focus was the models, swimming down the catwalk as the sea goddesses that McQueen had turned them into with his clothing.
The use of ruffles, intricate embellishment with blue diamante's, gold sequin detail around the neck, exaggerated shoulders, arms, legs and structured skirts all turned the models into different sea creatures of the future, each different in shape and in skin. An animal skin theme was big throughout the collection, focusing on snakeskin, butterfly wing prints and a patent grey fabric was used to portray the skin of a shark or a dolphin. Lots of iridescent fabrics were used, pearly leggings which looked like pearly fish scales, paired with a transparent, pink and blue structured top, which in shape replicated a puff of smoke blowing away and frozen in time or a mermaids hair flowing in the water. The colors had a certain sheen which looked other worldly and supernatural and can only be compared to what I would imagine a mermaids tail to look like. The last dress out seemed to be a skin of McQueen's imagination, an iridescent mix of scales and snakeskin which perfectly defines the sea mammal woman of the future that McQueen was bringing to life with his collection. The shoes did not let the collection down and were absolutely incredible and so imaginative. They were record breakingly high off the ground, covered in the relevant print to the outfit, and the strangest shape you could ever imagine. The fact that they matched with the outfit also made them look as if they were actually part of the models body, which gave a finishing product which can only be described as weird sea creature of the future hooves.... You need to see them to understand!
The make up and hair were very important in this show as they completed McQueen's vision for the show. The white all over makeup made the models look cold enough to have been underwater for 100 years. The eyes were not defined at all, not even with mascara, which made the models eyes look oddly small and inhuman, with just a grey smudge at the side of the eyes to elongate them and make their shape seem even stranger. A bluey iridescent sheen was powdered all over the models faces which created a vision of an underwater glow or a supernatural skin. The hair was manipulated into two, what I would describe as fins, with plaits snaking around the head, like the snakes slithering all over Raquel Zimmerman's body on the backdrop. The hair also added to the futuristic effect, helping to create the sea creatures that McQueen must have been imagining when designing this collection.
Although this collection was very much based on natural elements, the futuristic side of it did actually come into play with McQueen trying out for the first time what possibly might come to be the future of the fashion show. Two camera's were put on runners either side of the catwalk in order to broadcast the show live on It inevitably crashed the system as it was so popular, but with a bit of adapting could this be the future of all fashion shows? Will every fashionista have to rush to New York, London, Milan and Paris in 4 weeks, when it can just be watched over the internet? There were also camera's on the stage which filmed and projected pictures onto the back screen. Surprisingly they were not an eye sore on the stage either, I think they actually fitted in quite well. Their movements were quite life like, like an odd underwater sea creature that was just a bit inquisitive about the show! Very much reminded me of the 1999 McQueen show with THAT white dress and those paint machines... McQueen always manages to tell and exciting story with his clothes and no show is ever similar to another. He is always original with his ideas and never follows a trend, he just creates what he feels, which is what makes him such an exceptional designer. He always manages to create iconic moments that will never be forgotten in the fashion world. Will Alexander McQueen ever stop writing fashion history?

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